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Advertising Week 2015

Advertising Week 2015 has come and gone, so what did we learn? Here are the 3 of the major topics:

  1. Adblocking is here and no one has the solution…yet. With Advertising Week being so soon after the release of many adblocking apps on iPhones, the topic came up a lot. In the end, the best solution found: be creative.
  2. Video advertising has become incredibly popular. Almost every panel began with a video advertisement, proving that video advertisements are around. While this trend is useful for brands, soon it may become over saturated and consumers will begin to ignore them. Guess it’s almost time to start looking for the next big advertising trend.
  3. TV advertising IS still relevant. This is contrary to what many individuals have been lead to believe. At Advertising Week, it was proven that people are still watching TV, they’re just watching differently than they used to. TV viewers are usually connected to at least one other device (phone, laptop, tablet) while watching their shows. Due to that, they can either be distracted, requiring more effective attention-grabbers or they are interacting view social media at the same time. Either way, TV is still a large market for advertisers.

I wonder what Advertising Week 2016 will bring.