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Anthropomorphism: How Do You Personify Your Brand?

Giving human characteristics to an inanimate object is called anthropomorphism. You already knew that if you were an English major or you have one of those word-a-day calendars. There are lots of examples of the phenomenon, some more humorous than others. But why is this word important to your business and branding? According to the latest Decipher poll, 70% of marketers are planning on increasing their social media presence in 2014. Businesses will continue to spend more money on content marketing, but how does a business determine what content is appropriate for them?

It’s all about branding. Content is king, but what content does your brand need to produce? Let’s simplify: what information does your business need to offer? Not just in terms of products, but when it comes to knowledge, service, relations and environments? What is the lingo of your business? How do employees greet potential customers?

All of this data says something about your business, and that creates your brand; it all comes back to anthropomorphism. Imagine your brand as a person. What do they look like? How do they interact with others? Are they young or old? What do they sound like? Creating a fictional character for your business might seem a little silly, but it can really help with branding. And you wouldn’t be the first one to do it.

While creating that brand persona, here are some important marketing points to remember:

Visual. Visual content is huge and it’s only going to get bigger. Pictures on Facebook get 53% more likes than plain text. Images via Twitter get 150% more retweets. Put quite simply, people shop based on what they see and how it appeals to them. When considering your brand’s visuals, make sure they’re eye-catching.

Mobile. More and more, people will be experiencing your brand on their mobile devices. For some, it will be the only way they interact with you. Mobile content was huge this Christmas season and your brand must transfer onto a mobile platform to get those customers. If you want to learn more about mobile marketing, take a look at my previous blog.

Platform. It is dire that you not only pick the right social media format for your brand, but that you use that format correctly. Is your Facebook page the exact same as your Twitter account? Then you’re doing it wrong. It’s no secret that Google+ is poised to become huge next year. Does your brand have a page? Consider how your business looks to Circles and Communities.

That Something Special. McDonalds has the McRib. Starbucks has the Pumpkin Spice Latte. What makes your brand unique and special? Customers come to you because your business offers them something original. Finding a way to make your products and services exclusive to loyal customers will create a demand for your brand.

Building your brand persona is no easy feat. It takes time, energy, commitment and contemplation. But if you set aside some time to anthropomorphize your business, I guarantee you will have a leg up when it comes to social media.

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