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Are You Seeing More Instagram Ads? It Was Planned

Facebook always has a plan. Whether we like it or not, Facebook always seems to be in control of our behaviors. When acquiring Instagram, the social media giant already had plans in place to begin brand advertising on the photo sharing app. Being a veteran player in the digital advertising game, Facebook knew exactly how to do so while minimizing the loss of users.

Users don’t like advertising. Facebook knows that, but it won’t stop them for doing it. Instead, they ease users into advertising and try to disguise the ads. They started with three or four per week for each user and gradually increased to one or two per day. At this rate, soon users will be receiving four new ads every time they open to app. Despite the regulations on ads, users are still aware of their presence. These tech-savvy consumers are beginning to worry that they may soon be flooded with annoying advertisements. Facebook needs to be careful when increasing the number of ads each user receives per day or it’s possible users will be moving on from the platform.

Instagram may soon be losing users over the number of ads.