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You’re enjoying a glorious sunny day with a glass of iced tea on your porch. You capture your perfect afternoon and post it to your social media. Before you know it, you’re served an ad for Gold Peak Iced Tea. You didn’t avidly express any interest in iced tea in general, but a software technology picked up your drink and served you an ad for Gold Peak. This is exactly what brands such as Coca-Cola are using to pinpoint their audience. The technology aims to recognize more than what you like and type, it wants to see what products are in your pictures, how you are feeling and where you have been.

Social listening isn’t a new thing. But brands understand the importance of targeting more than just keywords. Cluep developed a proprietary image recognition engine that scans your posts for logos, brands, scenarios and more. Using its findings, the system then targets those users through mobile and desktop advertisements outside of the social networks. Cluep leverages its product through its own ad server and real-time bidder to post on sites outside of the social network. Brands are seeing a success with image recognition technology for digital advertising. Coca-Cola has seen a spark in CTR over two percent, which is three to four times its usual hit for Gold Peak.

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