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Twitter Testing Automated Promoted Tweets

On Twitter, advertisers can pay for Promoted Tweets. These are normal tweets that advertisers pay to reach a wider audience. Normally, one would go into Twitter ads manager and create a campaign based on the tweet they want to be promoted. Twitter is changing things up a bit and testing a program that enables brands to automatically promote their tweets for $99.00 a month.

Since this feature is still in testing, brands will have the option to sign up to be a part of the trial. Not all brands that sign up will be included in the test, only a select few will be. This feature will allow brands to Tweet as they normally would and the algorithms will automatically select the most engaging tweets to promote that month.Promoted Tweets

There are a few catches to this new automated promoted tweets feature. First, brands will not be able to select and customize which tweets they want to be promoted. There will not be as many targeting options, you will only be able to target based on interest or location categories. Another downfall is a monthly fee; however, the first 30 days are free.

Audience insights and information on tweet activity and follower growth will be available as it normally is inside Twitter Analytics. As far as the testing period goes, Twitter has mentioned that accounts participating in the test will run promoted account campaigns for the entire month, as well as promoted tweet campaigns that include up to the first 10 tweets per day. The performance of these campaigns will indicate the extent to which tweets are promoted.

Ultimately, Twitter wants to make less work for brands and advertisers, by “doing the heavy lifting” for you. I find this especially interesting as truly automated advertising is still in its infancy.

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