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Bruce Lee, Astrology and Social Media Marketing

Would Social Media Have Kicked Bruce Lee’s Ass?

I’ve never been a strong believer in the validity of Astrology. I mean no disrespect to those who are. The truth is, I don’t understand how the positions and motions of the moon, sun and planets could affect human emotions and actions.

What I do understand is that the people who believe in this connection tend to be pretty serious about it. My birthday falls on the Summer Solstice (June 21) and I’ve been asked multiple times by very passionate individuals if I understand what a “cusp” is and which sign my personality leans towards. Recently, I got carried away hopping from website link to link (astrology supporters would say this is my inquisitive Gemini side) and ended up on a totally random yet interesting site that broke down celebrity traits based on their astrological sign.

Of course, I had to check out Bruce Lee (rest in peace). As it turns out, he was much better suited to martial arts and acting than social media marketing, and here’s why:

Lack of Consistency. According to TopSynergy, Lee’s conflicting and unpredictable nature lead to a life full of emotional extremes and inconsistency. Katie Otto of Endurance Marketing doesn’t think this would translate well to social media. In a recent blog post about producing stellar social content, she shares, “It’s small messages that all add up to make your brand…every post will build your brand’s unique identity whether you like it or not. If you remain consistent, people will get to know the real you.” If TopSynergy’s analysis is correct, Lee’s “high and low” personality might have led to weak content on the days when he was less than 100%.

What can we learn from this?

We all have days when we’re not quite on our game or have a lull in creativity. But how can you continue to create high-quality, engaging social media content during these times? In this guest blog for Y Marketing Matters, Samia Zaky recommends keeping a monthly content calendar to prevent social media writer’s block. Of course, it’s key to record all of the brilliant ideas that come to you on your most creative days. Then, on your not-so-awesome days, you already have solid content ideas in front of you.

Brucey Pic

Inability to Self-Analyze. Of Bruce Lee’s many strengths, the ability to analyze himself in an objective way was not one of them. While he surely sensed and felt what was going on around him, he did not necessarily reflect upon or understand his experiences. When applied to social media, this would have been a problem. The best approach to social media has always been tied to analyzing data and adjusting based upon what is learned. This is increasingly the case today. Check out my colleague’s recent blog on algorithms and big data if you need convincing.

What can we learn from this?

Few people excel in both math and creative writing. Luckily, there are tons of tools out there to help you learn which parts of your social strategy are working well and what needs adjusting. These solutions range from free options like Facebook Insights to much more robust tools like ViralHeat’s analytic and reporting features. Social Media Today was kind enough to compile a comprehensive list of the best social media analytic tools here. Of course, if your company needs help making sense of your data and avoiding “analysis paralysis,” StrataBlue is here to help.

Connect with me on Twitter @AHersh317 and tell me your favorite Bruce Lee movie, social media tips or any other random thought you might have. I’m always looking for a creative angle for my next post.