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How to Create Effective Call to Actions

You’ve built a fantastic website, your social media presence is growing and your marketing emails are being sent out regularly, but you’re not seeing an increase in sales. What are you missing?

You need a call-to-action that is so good people will be clicking without thinking twice! Putting your phone number on your home page and a “Contact Us” button is not good enough anymore. I am going to help you create some effective call-to-actions with some simple techniques:

The Button

Is there anything special about yours? Does it draw any attention to it? Your button should differentiate itself from the rest of the website in color and size. Using contrasting colors will really help it stand out along with correct wording.

Make sure you’re delivering what you promise after your customers fill out the call-to-action. If you promise access to a whitepaper and it goes to a YouTube video, this will only confuse the visitor, making them likely to simply leave your site forever. It is important that your button position is prominent, too. The rule of thumb is to have it centered and placed high on your site. Don’t make it look like it was an afterthought. Use lively, pressing words to help further encourage action to be taken.

Some great words to use include:

  • Call
  • Register
  • Buy
  • Subscribe
  • Join Now

The Value

Is it worth a visitor’s time to fill out your form? They will want to believe that what they are receiving for filling out a form is valuable to them. With all of the data breaches happening today, people are more hesitant than ever to give out their personal information, so they will want be extra careful with sharing it. The fewer the steps you make your visitors take, the higher success rate you will have.

Ask yourself if you would fill out the form on your website. Don’t ask for unnecessary information. If you don’t need to know their demographic information then don’t ask for it. Sometimes you will have to sweeten the pot to persuade visitors to fill out your form. Discounts or free gifts are a great incentive, especially if your free gift is branded with your logo, like a shirt or calendar.

Are you seeing effective click through rates with your call-to-actions? Check back next week for some more techniques on how to create a great call to action. If you have any pressing questions feel free to contact us anytime!