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Your Business Should Float Up Into The Cloud

You could be sitting in an airport and look down to realize that your laptop is no longer there. Or maybe you went out to dinner and came home to find that a burglar ransacked your house while you were gone, stealing your tablet and PC. Perhaps your town was hit by a powerful storm, destroying everything in its path.

No matter what the circumstances are, there are infinite possibilities of problems that can arise causing you to lose all of your important business data. You probably keep your data all over the place…on computers, external drives, DropBox, tablets, flash drives and more. Once your files are lost, stolen or damaged, it’s too late to recover, so why not consider integrating to the cloud? Here are five reasons why you should convert to the cloud.

Backup and Recovery: External hardware can be stolen or damaged, but the cloud is safe and secure. No matter what happens to your gadgets, your data is backed up in the cloud. You don’t need to keep important business files on your computer (that could be hacked, stolen and sold) when you have your data in the cloud. Let’s say you’re a graphic designer and you have hundreds of designs and projects stored on an external hard drive. If someone steals that hard drive from you, what will you have left? The thief could potentially make a financial gain from all of your hard work. If you kept all of those files in the cloud, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Easy Access: Forgot to bring your laptop to work? Lost your iPad? No problem, you can access and share your data from anywhere that has an internet connection when you use cloud integration. On some devices where internal storage is not an option, using the cloud is the wave of the future. It’s very difficult to store large amounts of data on an iPhone, Android, iPad or other mobile device, so why not use the cloud?

Storage: One concern most people have is how much storage you  have left. When it comes to cloud storage, you have near-unlimited storage space for your data. Using a free account, you can usually get anywhere from 5 to 15 GB as an introductory package, but after that you must buy a subscription. You want to have enough space in the cloud to back up your important files and not worry about a thing, so as a business, it’s wise to pay for your cloud storage.

Automation: You hear it over and over and over: back up your data. This tedious task of backing up your files manually each month can be eased with use of the cloud. You can backup your files in the cloud by synchronizing in real time or you can put it on a schedule for worry-free maintenance without having to install any software.

Cost: Cloud services are becoming more affordable for data backup and storage. Services like DropBox and SkyDrive make sharing documents and files simple while giving you the peace of mind that the data is backed up. It is approximately the same cost as purchasing the hardware and software up front, only it is spread out monthly. Consider it like buying an insurance policy for your files.

The latest release of operating systems are integrating Cloud Services, making it simple to access, use and share your data and files. Do you use the cloud for your business? If not, we can help integrate you to the cloud, contact us today.