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Customer Reviews Prove to be Critical for Business

You’ve advertised. You’ve wooed. You’ve closed. You’ve onboarded. You’ve launched. But your work with your client has only begun.

The statistics vary from study to study, but retaining a client is far less expensive than gaining a new client. Your business needs to work as hard to keep your existing clients as it does at earning new business. And when you keep your existing clients – the right way – you’ll earn new business.

A client relationship manager or account manager should be as empowered as your sales staff to make deals and retain business. And your CRM should be able to tell you which clients are happy and which clients need some finessing. One way to do this is to ask your clients – honestly and sincerely – in what areas you can improve and what things you do well.

Get customer reviews.

This sounds silly and simple, but it’s essential. 82% of new business is earned by word of mouth, but 66% do online research. Your web presence needs to include customer feedback and reviews. When customers provide feedback, you can identify areas of opportunity to strengthen your relationship, and identify strategies that are working well for your brand.

You need customer reviews.

Only 15% of consumers don’t use the internet to find a new local business. 76% of consumers read reviews when deciding to use a new local business. 58% of consumers report that online reviews affect their decision.

Customer reviews will grow your business.

When you ask your clients for feedback, you let them know that they’re important. When you address their concerns, you let them know you’re listening. When you share your reviews, you let potential clients know that you’re great.

Ask your clients how you’re doing, and don’t be afraid of the feedback. It’s a terrific opportunity.