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5 Dos and Don’ts to Create Awesome Email Marketing CTA Buttons

In any type of digital marketing campaign, some form of Call to Action (CTA) is always necessary. Calls to Action make your campaigns purposeful for both for the consumer and the brand advertising. One area in particular where I’ve seen the importance of a strong CTA is in email marketing.

In my naïve days as a novice digital media account manager, it wasn’t entirely clear to me that a CTA was necessary within an email. I just thought a similar “Visit our Website” tag would simply get the job done. But boy was I wrong. After testing several different types of email strategies using Call to Actions, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes a bold, clickable button is the best way to increase click-through rates.

Questions we here very often are: “What makes an email marketing campaign successful?” “What are good open-rates and click-through rates?” The short answer: it depends. A lot of factors come into play. MailChmp offers the most comprehensive benchmarks for opens and clicks and break it down by industry and company size. Click here to learn more.

You may think this epiphany is pretty silly, but you would be surprised at how many big brands aren’t utilizing this simple idea. Don’t fall victim to low click-through rates. Follow my Do’s and Don’ts for foolproof clickable email call to action buttons.

1. Do: be big, bold and clear

The whole point of your email is to have your audience take action and click. When creating your button go big or go home. It’s important that people know that they are supposed to click, so make the button stand out by using colors and bold fonts.

2. Don’t: overwhelm your audience with too many CTA buttons

Don’t confuse your email subscribers! They trust you. Be sure to narrow down what you would like the user to click or you risk no click whatsoever. This will be made evident by the click results at the end of a deployment.

3. Do: use Google URL Tracking

This habit has almost become second nature to me. Trackable urls that are linked to your Google Analytics account are extremely important for reporting and measuring success. Doing this two minute URL tracking setup will absolutely make a difference. You can create Google URL tags here.

4. Don’t: use the same color button over and over

The greatest thing about marketing is the ability to test different methods to see what works best. Try using different colored buttons to see which receive the best CTR among your audience. You may be surprised!

5. Do: be specific

Nothing can be more frustrating than a vague message. Let your users know exactly what their getting themselves into when they click your button. Here are a few examples:

  • Book Now
  • Download Now
  • Buy Now
  • Learn Now
  • Find A Store Near You
  • Get Directions
  • Shop Now
  • Speak to an Expert

In the end, the difference between being tacky with your CTA buttons and being strategic all depends on the deliverable and goal tied to the campaign. A great button is well thought out and has a specific purpose. I urge you to always be testing your use of Calls to Actions and use that information to build even better campaigns. I also urge you to not miss out on the opportunity to use clickable buttons!

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