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Facebook Adds Groups to Business Pages

Facebook is letting brands and businesses do more with their pages by letting then create groups within. Business pages have a general list of likers and followers. By letting them create groups within their page, they can create more niche customer segments. This is a new way that brands and media companies can boost their engagement.

A Facebook group inside of your business page should be thought of as a ‘Fan Page’ for your most committed customers. You should use these groups to add more value to your brand of product. They say that the page is for self-promotion and the group is for connection and discussion. This should be a place where you aim to find out more about your audience and tell them more about you.

This feature has been in testing for some time and is now offered globally. This will make creating groups easier in the sense that you no longer have to rely on an admin to create the group through their personal account. The group is actually created within the business page. They say it is good to keep your personal and work life separate, this new feature will help with that.

Brands can do many things with this new update. There can be support hotline groups, groups for different products and so on. Within these groups you can tailor the content that goes to each, decreasing the risk of showing the wrong person something. This can also allow for increased communication between a brand or business and their customers.

Recently, there were new tools added to groups which are now available to these business page groups. There are ways to manage group members, as well as, analyze real-time engagement stats. Facebook product manager, Linda Xiong says this update is an “external reinforcement or expansion of our mission to bring the world closer together.” This update has the potential to set some brands and businesses apart. Who will be able to adapt and engage more with their audience in a less self-promotion-y way.

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