New Facebook Feature Listens to Songs and TV Shows

New Facebook feature

A Business Insider Intelligence Report found that 77 percent of Americans utilize another device while watching televised programs and events. The “second screen” phenomenon is definitely something for marketers to take into consideration when planning real-time targeting of their brand messaging.

77 percent of T.V. viewers use another device while they watch television.

Source: Business Insider Intelligence

And the good news is that, with Facebook’s newest update for iPhone and Android, users won’t even have to type what they are watching or listening to, because the app will do it for them.

Real-Time Sharing Gets Easier on Facebook

In an effort to make “real time sharing” easier during status updates, this latest Facebook feature can now ‘listen’ to what T.V. show or music is playing in the background and include it in a status update. (How Shazam-like of them!)

Here’s how it works:

  • First, the social networking app records the sound in the background while a user is posting a status update.
  • Next, the app generates a code for the sound and assigns it a sound profile.
  • If the sound profile matches one of Facebook’s 160 channels or one of the millions of songs in the database, it will automatically include it in the status. (Added bonus, it can also decipher the season and episode of a television show from the sound clip.)

Of course, Facebook will collect and store the data of music and television shows shared for each user, but online brand managers can get a slice of the marketing pie, too, if they work smart.

How Can Marketers Use This?

Instead of speaking at your audience with general posts on Facebook or Twitter, take advantage during shows to speak with them and what appeals to them. Engaging in real time conversations that interest users is only skimming the surface. From there, brand managers can create, or add to, custom profiles for each customer, group like individuals and then create customized campaigns.

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