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Heineken Sheds Light on it’s Current Marketing Focus

There has been much talk about what the future of TV will look like. Is TV going away? Well, Heineken seems to be taking its dollars away from TV and into top dogs, Facebook and Google. Their objective is to focus on reaching as many people as possible and they believe digital is the answer. It helps to look at what big name brands are doing to get a clearer picture of where things are headed. 

Heineken is increasingly inclined to spend most of its budget with Facebook and Google because they are more and more interested in reach than specific targeting. “We’re seeing in some cases digital spend is overtaking TV spend like a lot of brands because we’re realizing that’s where consumers are spending most of their time.”, Nourdin Rejeb, Heineken’s global manager for digital said, along with, “That’s not to say TV isn’t important to us because it is; it’s just that the increase is definitely going to digital”.

Even though Heineken believes that they can reach more people on digital, this does not mean that digital is easy for them. Digital used to be a place to converse with consumers, today it is a place to catch the attention of millions of people. Earlier this summer, Facebook released insights about 6 seconds being the ideal video length, and Heineken has adapted its content to these insights.

Many brands are concerned about putting too much money into digital, but Heineken says it is totally worth it. Heineken really likes that Google and Facebook provide creative support. Rejeb said, “They obviously want our money as well, but the work we’re doing with both is working”, “For us, those two partners are very critical.

Another thing  Heineken is focusing on right now is creating captivating content. With Digital’s creative support mentioned above, they are able to gain more insight on what their audience wants to see. The image above is an example of the content Heineken puts on Facebook. This is the kind of content people are looking for – using new features like Facebook Live. But, as far as the future of television goes, there is still much to wonder, but Heineken helps give us an idea of the direction things are headed.

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