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Increase Productivity at Work by Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Michael Brill, author of Using Office Design to Increase Productivity, estimates that improvements in the physical design of the workplace may result in a 5-10 percent increase in employee productivity. Most startups should have certain crucial design elements in common. These include employee lounge areas with cozy seating and colorful accents, snack-filled kitchens where employees can chat as they refuel and TV monitors used for everything from video-conferencing to gaming.

“The more comfortable our employees feel in the office environment, the more comfortable they are to speak up and share their opinions and insights with the team,” ZocDoc CFO Netta Samroengraja says.

Kitchen Area

A great lunch area is essential to pull people away from their desks. Get a little creative, and design a space that people will actually want to be in. Lunch is the perfect opportunity to bond with your coworkers and get to know someone you don’t know very well.

An office kitchen should have the essential space elements to build upon. Things like cabinets and storage, plenty of seating, and a table. Building a great kitchen environment should come before you start buying all of the stuff that goes into it like a fridge, coffee maker and a watercooler. You should encourage people to leave their computer monitors and spend time face to face with people in the break area.

Game Room/Yoga Room

Some days at work can be brutal, just ask any of your employees. Either a client is taking his mood out on you, you dropped the ball on a project or it’s just one of “those days.” When you’re in need of a quick break, having a Game Room is very handy. The Game Room is not just for large companies like Google but for any company that wants to boost staff morale, attract young and hip employees and create a fun, yet cool office environment. Having some simple games like DDR or even a dart board can be fun. You can also use that space as a yoga room to do yoga before or after work.

Conference Room

It’s important to have a comfortable conference room outfitted with large couches as well as wall-sized chalkboards and whiteboards for brainstorming. It is about creating comfortable and functional spaces that allow your creativity to flow. Don’t you feel more comfortable talking to someone while sitting on a couch? It makes you feel at ease, right? Sitting with your colleagues around a communal dining table feels like you are part of a team and gives you a sense of connection with the organization.

Motivational Posters

If you sit in an office or a workspace all day, it can be very difficult to stay motivated all the time. It’s very easy to get distracted and end up being lazy. Sometimes a brilliant way to keep motivated is to have things around you to keep you motivated. It can be people, reading an inspirational story or even a poster on your wall. Invest in a few motivational posters to keep you going throughout the day. Type in motivational posters on Pinterest for some great ideas!

There is, however, a fine line between a morale-boosting office perk and a misallocation of your startup’s precious funds. So, when you’re decorating that new exposed-brick loft space, go the more sensible route and avoid the extravagant accessories and get something your company will really benefit from. Does your startup’s office shine? Comment or share some pictures with us below!