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Life Lessons From The StrataBlue Intern

Being a StrataBlue intern is way more than going on coffee runs (though there is no shame in keeping the office caffeinated). This summer I was right in the mix with the social media account managers, the sales team and the overall operations of the company. My time at StrataBlue has left me with some invaluable lessons that I’ll be able to take with me going forward in my career, so I’d like to share them with all of you as well.


  • In the constant growing/changing environment of a start-up business, communication is key. With StrataBlue employees located in Indianapolis, New York, New Jersey and London, we fully utilize all available technologies to stay in contact with one another in order to keep everyone up to date on both internal affairs and news regarding our clients.

Read Everything.

  • In order to generate content for the various clients that I’ve been fortunate enough to provide assistance to, I’ve never read so much in my life! Because of this internship, I feel more connected to the world due to the sheer amount of news articles that I read every day. The ability to provide new content day in and day out within the scope of your clients’ business interests is a job function that many fail to recognize as being very difficult. Social media account managers truly become a jack of all trades with the amount of knowledge that they pick up on a daily basis, and then figuring out how to implement said knowledge into a well-versed marketing strategy makes them doubly talented.

Under Promise, Over Deliver.

  • It’s probably the oldest saying the client-relationship book, but for good reason. In order to ensure a long lasting work relationship with a client, it’s important to never get too comfortable with your goals. Always aim to impress and reach beyond the finish line. As infamous street philosopher Young Jeezy once said, “My hustle is nonstop. I never stop hustling.” I believe the same is true in business; a tireless work ethic will set you apart from your competitors and will shape and mold your reputation that creates more business later on down the road.

Keep Things Light.

  • We all have lives outside of work, and these lives quite often produce extra stress. I believe that the work environment should be a place where you can check whatever is bothering you at the door. It should be a place where you are comfortable, happy and productive.  Here are some suggestions from my personal experience this summer in how to implement a more vibrant work environment:

i.       Do: Make puns when appropriate. (HA! Who doesn’t love some clever word play?)

ii.     Don’t: Print off pictures of polar bears on your boss’s color printer while he’s on an important call. (Sorry again, Slava.)

Adopt a Team Mentality.

  • Collaboration inspires cohesiveness. Although there is a hierarchy in place at most organizations, as there is on any team, that shouldn’t invalidate the opinions of those who are lower on the totem pole. I think that my favorite aspect of working at StrataBlue is the mutual respect that everyone receives. Even I, the lowly intern, felt that my voice was not only heard by all of my coworkers, but my opinions and suggestions were considered and valued rather than being cast aside despite my lack of experience.

These are just a few of the many lessons that I have picked up this summer. Being an intern, it really does put you in a unique perspective where you get to see all 360 degrees of the company you are working for. I really am quite fortunate that StrataBlue is where I wound up, because the well rounded experience that I’ve gained from working with such highly motivated peers has undoubtedly set me up for success in wherever my life and career take me into the future.


Hey Josh – Having your blog post the first Monday after you’ve left us to head back to school is doubly depressing. Not only are we thirsty for coffee this morning (like any of us have time to run to Starbucks!), but we have loads of client Twitter lists we need help building.

In honor of you, and how much we will miss you, we are posting this photo from last Friday’s “Goodbye ‘Intern Josh'” lunch at Dick’s Last Resort.

We shall return to this post often for a laugh. 🙂 Good luck at school, buddy! And thanks again for all your help this summer.

– The Social Media & Sales Teams at StrataBlue