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LinkedIn Gets a Virtual Makeover

You’ve heard it before: visual content rules in social media. Following suit, LinkedIn has received a virtual makeover!

If you’re in a visual profession, such as photography or design, this new feature might spark your interest. Users can now add visual content such as photos, videos or presentations to their profiles, turning bland resumes into eye-catching displays of accomplishments and merit. No two people are alike, so why not show that no two employees are the same? Make our LinkedIn profile unique with these simple steps.

Want to add visual content? Here’s how. First, click “edit” on your profile.

In the Summary, Experience and Education sections of your profile, you will see a new icon that allows you to add media. You can choose to upload a file or link to your work and add a title/description to these. If you’re using a link instead of an upload, make sure that it is a link to a public URL because LinkedIn doesn’t support blogs. You can learn more about approved providers and content types for work samples here from LinkedIn.

Don’t worry if you don’t see this icon yet, don’t worry. This new feature started rolling out on May 1 and is making its way to your account. When adding visuals to your LinkedIn account, keep in mind that this isn’t Facebook or Instagram, these pictures and videos should be professional and used for job-recruiting purposes.

Do you think that LinkedIn’s new tool is useful? Will you use it to give yourself a competitive edge?