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Don’t Delete A Negative Facebook Review

The ultimate dilemma for a business owner on Facebook is how to manage a negative review. Whatever you do, don’t delete a negative review. Why you ask? Negative reviews have the ability to actually help and not hurt your business. Here is my guide to using a negative review to support your business.

Address the Review & Apologize

When upon receiving a negative review read it with a neutral mindset. This negative review might be a suggestion to improve an item on your menu or even address a not-so great member of your staff. Although you would like to think highly of your business, it’s important to listen to the words of your customers. And as they say, “the customer is always right.” The worst thing you could do is to completely ignore or not even read a bad review on your Facebook page.

The next step is to begin your reply to their comment, because by all means, you must reply to a negative review. The best way to address a negative review is to first apologize. A simple apology will show the customer that you care about their situation.

Offer a Solution

The next step to replying to a negative comment after apologizing is to take the conversation offline. This will put a halt to any further comments happening on the thread. My go-to is to give the person an email address or phone number to further discuss the situation.

To take the solution to the next level, offer upset customers with a comp card or gift card as an apology. More than likely, the person will appreciate your generosity for your excellent customer service. And as a last effort, be sure to welcome them back to your business.

In the end, Facebook reviews are important to any business presence on social media. Reviews offer future customers insight into how you handle your establishment. Never, ever delete negative reviews. There is nothing more suspicious than a business with 100% 5 stars across the board. This would be a red flag that something fishy might be going on.

A negative review can’t hurt your business. A balance of negative and positive reviews can help customers feel comfortable with giving you their business.

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