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In-Store Video Advertising Now On Refrigerator Doors

In-store advertising has been used for years. Even video advertising has been used in stores before…but, not like this. Now, stores are able to use in-store video ads on refrigerator doors.

While being tasted at grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores, these video ads proved to be a success. Over the 11 weeks, stores saw a 13% increase in traffic to cooler doors with a 4% increase in sales of products from coolers with video ads. Additionally, they saw a 19% increase in sales of promoted fountain drinks. This success is driven mostly by the “wow” factor as many people have never seen anything similar.

Being sold at a reasonable price, companies are able to invest in this technology or brands can foot the bill to get their video ad running in store.

In-store advertising is going to a whole new level