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city hive certified partner

StrataBlue is a City Hive Certified Partner

City Hive is an all-in-one eCommerce platform built to help beer, wine, and spirits shops make more money. Their support of these essential services skyrocketed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and is not showing any signs of slowed growth. The City Hive platform allowed Liquor Stores to quickly shift their operations from walk-in business to offering curbside pickup, delivery, and shipping.

StrataBlue has been managing clients in the Liquor industry for over eight years. When the pandemic struck, our long-standing liquor store client immediately signed a contract with City Hive, which ultimately allowed them to keep a competitive edge in the Indianapolis market. StrataBlue was a crucial part of the implementation and quickly moved all marketing communications into the City Hive dashboard.

Our team learned how to efficiently use all features of their engagement platform, including automated emails, email campaigns, push notifications, SMS, promotional banners, product groups, and more. In May of 2022, our Associate Account Director, Sierra Webb, attended City Hive’s first workshop at their NYC headquarters. This workshop brought together an exclusive group of beer, wine, and spirits retailers. We spent time as a group dissecting the customer journey, discussing how to make it even better, and reviewing a robust product roadmap.

This roadmap included City Hive’s new content management system (CMS), which allows retailers to publish custom storefronts and website content unique to them. As a software company, City Hive’s product defaults on the aesthetic of each new client’s website and app to essentially look the same except for a logo. Their new CMS offers businesses the tools to customize their website in the self-serve dashboard.

We want to help beer, wine, and spirits retailers spend more time engaging with customers and doing what they do best. StrataBlue is excited to announce that we are officially a City Hive Certified Partner. As a Certified Professional Agency, we can manage email communications, loyalty programs, online shopping ads, social media management, website and app design, and more.