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Trending: Super Bowl XLIX

Watch out NBC, Facebook has released their game plan for advertising during Super Bowl XLIX and it doesn’t include puppies or Clydesdales. Facebook announced on Wednesday, January 28th that they will be launching Trending: Super Bowl, a real-time ticker that will bring together buzz and content related to Sunday’s big game.

Last year more than 50 million people joined the conversation during last year’s Super Bowl match-up between the Seahawks and Broncos. Facebook has used this opportunity to give fans a place to connect in real time and discuss one of the biggest annual events in the world.

Trending: Super Bowl XLIX will feature:

  • Friends & Groups: Here you will find posts from your friends and other in your network who are talking about the game.
  • Live Feed: The live feed will show real-time reactions from people around the world.
  • Photos & Videos: See what’s going on with photos and videos from new outlets and fans at the game.
  • In The Story: See posts from the NFL, NFL teams, players and other public figures talk about the game.
  • Live Scores: Check out the current score along with a play-by-play feature
  • Join the Conversation: Don’t hesitate. Make your voice heard by updating your statues with “watching Super Bowl XLIX” to be featured.

With the rollout of Trending: Super Bowl, Facebook has essentially changed the way we watch the game. Some might even suggest more eyes will be on our smartphones, tablets and computers rather than our TVs. It’s hard to forecast the popularity of this new feature, but I am sure it will make some sort of splash. This new feature also presents a Facebook vs. Twitter out right battle. It’s safe to say people most often turn to Twitter for real-time updates during big events like this, so with Facebook presenting a similar feature it will be interesting to see how that effects users time spent on Twitter.

Facebook will have Trending: Super Bowl active as early as Saturday morning for fans to start engaging with the preparation for kick-off. Will you be on Trending: Super Bowl? How do you think this will effect Twitter? How can advertisers who usually use Twitter as a promotion channel, use Facebook instead? Let us know what you think!