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Trends Moonwalk Back to ’99

Notice anything familiar about today’s trends…?

As a product of the ’90s, I’ve always loved things that remind me of that era (and let’s be honest, nostalgia is consistently a winning strategy). Which may be why I’m loving the fads of today. Now, clearly I’m a millennial which means I’m a part of the massive force taking in 52% of today’s mobile, digital content (Adweek). Advertisers are seeing an incredible burst in trends from the recent past, which can only mean that our audiences are shifting. Millennials (18-34 year olds) are now at 75.4 million, while baby boomers (51-69) are at 74.9 million (Pew Research Center). If there’s one thing being in the advertisement industry teaches us, it’s that numbers don’t lie.

See why paying attention to what this new gang of kids likes could mean a jump in your growth.