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Walmart and Parcel

Walmart and Parcel Logistics Tackle New York City

Walmart, in desperate attempts to compete with Amazon, is now offering same-day delivery in New York City. They recently acquired Parcel,  a logistics company to help maneuver the city. The start-up, Parcel handles scheduled and same-day delivery services in NY for online retailers and meal-prep companies.

Parcels technology, network, and delivery employees are crucial to Walmart’s delivery operation. Jet already delivers some same-day Walmart orders; however, they hope that Parcel will cut costs. Walmart will be offering general merchandise and fresh or frozen groceries for same-day delivery.

Parcel is responsible for sending order updates via text to its merchants and their customers. And, just to improve their logistics, they have compiled a database of all the NY buildings they’ve delivered to including photos and instructions on easy access. “New York is a really unique and complicated market, and that mastery is really rare”, Parcel founder and CEO Jesse Kaplan said in an interview.

It’s true if Walmart is able to master same-day delivery with Parcel in New York than they have the ammunition to take their delivery services anywhere in the country. How awesome does it sound to open up your computer shop for your things and just wait for them to arrive? It completely eliminates the worst part about shopping – loading, and unloading!! It will be interesting to see if Walmart’s delivery system gets popular in the Big Apple or not.

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