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4 Ways to Take Advantage of the Twitter Redesign

As you have probably noticed, Twitter had a quick social media facelift!

Despite having features like sponsored tweets and 250 million users as of April 2014, Twitter is still struggling to become profitable. The new layout gives brands an opportunity to reach their audiences with a multimedia experience that goes beyond only 140 characters. On the other hand, it also gives Twitter an opening to engage more brands.

Here are a few things that you can do to take advantage of  the new profile page layout:

Pin Exclusive Content and News to Your Profile Page

Impermanence, one of the features many people love about Twitter, can also be a huge drawback. A brand with an active timeline might see its tweets disappear from the main page quickly. Instead of tweeting the same message often, you can now use the “pin tweet to profile” option to make announcements, offer time-sensitive content and keep important information at the top of a timeline.

Speak Louder With Pictures

One of Twitter’s newest features include uploading up to four images in a single tweet. This opens up a world of possibility for brands. Brands can use photos to tell a short story or offer previews of upcoming products and services. Brands can also tweet crowdsourced photos from followers, encouraging them to share images that represent the brand best. There are several ways you can take advantage of these new features.


Go Big or Go Home

It’s obvious that Twitter’s new layout looks similar to Facebook’s. Just like Facebook, the large header photo can serve many purposes for brands. You can post a single, bold image to establish your brand’s voice or switch out photos weekly to showcase new images that represent your brand. Here are some great examples for brands taking advantage of the new banner and getting the most out of it.

Optimize Tweets for More Visibility

Tweets that are shared often now get more page real estate and appear larger on the timeline. Brands looking to attract more retweets and keep users on their page need to optimize their tweets for maximum engagement. Pay attention to what your followers are tweeting about and use those keywords, phrases and images in your own tweets. Tweets shared often are bigger—both figuratively and literally.

Twitter’s not done remaking itself—the platform plans to drop hashtags and replies in the future—and these latest changes make it easier for brands to offer more content to their followers. These updates could do more than break down barriers between users and brands on Twitter.

How have you taken advantage of the new layout? We hope our tips have been helpful. Be sure to check back for more social media tips and tricks!