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Bing, Bing, Bing…We Have a Winner!

Nothing compares to Google’s search engine market share at 77.43% as of April 2017, but Bing still has a fairly large audience. Microsoft, owner of the search engine Bing, might be getting a leg up and intends to make Bing have the strongest Artificial Intelligence company offering.

Bing wants to be ahead of it all from conversational to intelligent search to AI, machine learning, and intent signals. The platform already validates its answers by sourcing from several websites. It then makes sure to validate more than one perspective on a topic, so when you search you have immediate access to both sides of something – very unlike Google.

Last Wednesday at a conference in San Francisco, Microsoft presented advances in Bing’s search engine, Cortana Intelligent Assistant, and Microsoft 360 Tools, which all use A.I. Microsoft’s search engine may soon have the ability to put numbers into perspective. Rather than saying “Syria is 71,498 square miles; the search engine will compare its size to the State of Florida” for more accurate understanding.

Bing’s Expertise comes in many forms including Web-scale mining of billions of documents, Chat Bots, user interaction, and providing the best answers by asking clarifying questions. Bing has been at the forefront of A.I. since its launch in 2009; they knew this was the direction they wanted to go in.

Bing engineers have insight that search is moving away from keywords and towards audience buying. Bing’s A.I. uses data from 600 million devices running Windows 10, Office 365, and LinkedIn to power their Bing Audience Graph.

There is just so much more going on with Bing right now than many are aware of. You can read more about their advances in A.I. here from multi-site support, more confidence in its answers, and advanced image search.

Microsoft Illustrates it’s Expertise

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