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Goodbye ‘Engagement Bait’, You Won’t be Missed

Facebook once again updates its algorithm. Now, it will give much less reach to posts that use “engagement bait” tactics. Engagement bait refers to any post that encourages users to vote, like or share a post. If you repeatedly share content like this, eventually all your posts will be “demoted”.

Publishers will have time to rethink their social media content strategies as this new change will roll out over the course of several weeks. There are some exceptions to this new rule; If it is a post asking for help, advice or recommendations than the reach of said post will not be demoted.

Facebook says this update will make the News Feed more authentic for users. “People have told us that they dislike spammy posts on Facebook that goad them into interacting with likes, shares, comments, and other actions,” mentioned Facebook in a recent blog.

This is not the last time that we are going to see an update on the content the algorithm favors. Facebook is constantly updating the algorithm and if you work in digital marketing it is imperative that you keep up with these algorithm updates. As you can see a simple Facebook search of “Share this if” will pull up a plethora of posts using the now forbidden tactic. Don’t be that guy, update your strategy.

engagement bait

Well, there you have it. The era of Like this if you think tacos are the best is over. I’m thinking most users will be okay with this change. It is the brands and publishers that need to make sure they stay away from engagement bait.

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