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Ad Blockers Aren’t All Bad

With ad blockers becoming more and more popular, advertisers are being forced to take a step back. How do we reach our audience now? What new ways can we use to get around these blockers? To answer these questions, advertisers are forced to come up with more creative solutions. In the process, they have discovered that consumers actually ARE open to advertising…if it is right for them.

In the past, every good advertising idea has seen success in the beginning, but quickly became overused. Flashy banner ads? Spinning ads? Annoying. Pop-up ads? Annoying. With all of these intrusive ads, of course consumers hated them!

In an attempt to get around these ad blockers, some companies are looking for loopholes. From asking users to turn them off or donate to remain ad-free to paying off third party ad blockers to be added to the “white list” these companies are looking for the easy way out. What these companies don’t realize is that ad blocking is nothing but consumer’s request for a thoughtful, relevant, storytelling ad that will catch their attention without being invasive. Companies and brands that are able to grasp this concept and actually produce these types of advertisements will be the ones seeing success.

Ad blockers are just a cry for more creativity from advertisers.