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Mobile Viewability…How Should It Be Measured?

Mobile usage and ad viewability. Neither of these concepts is new to advertisers…we’ve been talking about them for what seems like forever. Now, we’re looking at how to monitor and measure ad viewability on mobile. It seems like it should be a simple issue, especially because the Media Rating Council (MRC) has just recently addressed the concerns about desktop viewability. However, the MRC has yet to issue any statement beyond that mobile ad viewability needs to be measured differently than its desktop counterpart.

Marketers are still waiting for the answer to this high priority question, but this hasn’t stopped them from experimenting. Users scroll past ads quicker on mobile than desktop, meaning trouble for companies without quick-loading ads. During this holiday season, the MRC has advised advertisers to assume mobile ad viewability to be measured the same as with desktop. Will this hurt mobile advertisers?

Probably, but we’ll just have to wait to find out.