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Build Your Next Campaign Using The Social Technographics Ladder

In 2012, Social Media Today posted a survey indicating that 90% of small business owners out of a sample of 600 were using social networking sites. Fast forward to 2014 and you’ll come across an abundance of success stories about businesses executing social media in-house or hiring online strategy firms to create and foster relationships with consumers.

Current and prospective consumers are online and they are saturated with information. According to a report released by Nielsen on Monday, Americans are spending about 60 hours a week viewing content across various platforms. The secret to resonating in consumers’ minds during their hours of online searching is understanding their behaviors while they are online.

Authors Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler go into detail about online participation of consumers in their co-authored book, Empowered. One chapter of their book highlights Forrester’s research about overlapping levels of social technology participation of consumers, also known as The Social Technographics Ladder.




Look through the descriptions of each level of the ladder and select one category that fits you best. You obviously are a ‘spectator’ at this moment for reading this blog, but are you more of a ‘conversationalist’ that posts daily updates? Now let’s use this ladder and make it work for you as ROI for your business. Segment a group of individuals from your target demographic and assign them to each level of the ladder. Consumer A is participating in a contest on your Facebook page to upload a picture and could be coined as a “creator.” Consumer B is subscribed to your monthly podcast but after further research, doesn’t tweet or post much online. They would most likely be categorized as a “spectator.”

By analyzing your consumers online using The Social Technographics Ladder, you’ll have the opportunity to formulate more effective social media campaigns to see increased web traffic, engagement or any other goals you have.

Want a quick snapshot on the social technographics profile of your consumers? Select the following drop down options that are appropriate for your business. You’ll be surprised to learn about how your consumers are interacting online and how you can tweak your strategies to better suit their online behavior.


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