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DTOX Your Lead Data to Discover Marketing Gold

DTOX Your Lead Data to Discover Marketing Gold

To find twice the gold, you’ll need far more than to simply double your labors–H.B. Striskey, 1851

Authentic leads are hard-earned currency, too, but that data is the first step, not your last. The good news is that it gets so much easier from here. Gathering is the hard part, and now those leads you’ve collected are about to sparkle.

Akin to an algorithm that continues to learn and adapt as it goes, the DTOX process analyzes and deconstructs your data to uncover subtle, embedded opportunities. Those opportunities feed a blended approach that hyper targets custom audiences using a more thoughtful methodology. The customer relationship becomes an evolving journey as the learning continues. A journey that delights your customers and invites them along.

What is DTOX?

DTOX (Digital TO eXperience) is an enhanced customer engagement process. A process that learns and evolves with an audience. This is important because with DTOX your leads need far less elbow grease to gain traction and pay off.


We created DTOX to identify distinguishing interests, behaviors, and patterns that exist in all of us. We translate those findings into marketing opportunities that connect with hyper-targeted audiences. Combining where they live, work, eat and play with focused content that straddles the digital and physical worlds. Customized actionable strategies that fit. And get smarter.

DTOX means Digital TO eXperience

The Process

The process is straightforward. We run data through our secure platform. Think of it as market research with extra gears. The system matches your customer data with the humans behind it, providing us with the intelligence to really understand your audience.

These insights are woven into a blend of digital, social and experiential campaigns that vastly improve absorption, both on & offline. The insights we discover contribute to a custom tailored strategy that resonates with your audience. We constantly analyze performance to evolve and respond to a highly active landscape. It’s where we live.

Interested to Know More?

We are a marketing company driven by technical intelligence and dedicated to the human experience. We believe in genuine partnerships with our clients to yield real results.  We are ready to absorb your values, become part of your mission, and ultimately discover your marketing gold.

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