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Facebook is No Longer Focusing on Pleasing Publishers

Over the last two decades, Facebook has been working on improving its platform for publishers with things like Instant Articles and News Feed Videos. Did they change their minds? Digiday, the digital media platform, has a “confessions series” in which they “exchange anonymity for candor”. I’m shocked to read the most recent confessions of an audience development head at a midsize digital publisher. Apparently, going into 2018 publishers aren’t as keen on Facebook as they once were.

The anonymous development head shared that Facebook has indirectly encouraged them not to move forward with video for a number of reasons that all tie back to ROI. There is basically no opportunity for monetization and the high costs of video production make it nearly impossible to generate a return.

“Publishers are pivoting to video and crashing and failing.”

Anonymous shared that Facebook directly stated, “If I were you, I would probably not rely on Facebook as much as you are.” Facebook’s efforts are moving elsewhere. Publishers need to focus on diversification and creativity. Diversification in the means that they are using other platforms aside from Facebook.

All of this stems just after Zuckerberg announced a change in mission. Facebook is no longer focusing on tailoring it’s platform to publishers. It is focusing on user experience and community.

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