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Alexa Rumored to Bring Ads into the Home

It seems the past holiday season was just the nudge people needed to finally give in and welcome a voice AI device into their homes. Amazon sold millions more Echo devices this year than any year in the past. People were using Echos to buy more Echos. Par the course of technology, Amazon Alexa homes could soon be a place for advertising, or at least that’s the rumor we’re hearing.

The predictions say that these ads won’t be like the ones we hear on the radio or commercials. Alexa can make product recommendations in a disguised manner. You won’t even know you are being sold on an item. Other ad types in the air are paying for a higher placement when Alexa is asked a search related question. You can pay to be her answer. You can also pay to get mentioned over certain brands when a user is shopping.

“voice shopping will become a major channel for buying commodity or brand name products, so companies should be focusing on building the relationships customers have with your brand and the browsing and discovery experience.”

None of the above has been confirmed by Amazon, but it is unlike companies to not utilize any stream of revenue they can. And, it never hurts to be prepared. Interested in reading more stories like this? Stay up to date with the digital world and sign up for our weekly newsletter.