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Get Lucky With Your Social Media Campaign

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to make your social media campaign successful during national holidays!

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is approaching and it is a great way to land in the social media engagement pot of gold if you can execute it correctly. By engaging in light-hearted conversations with consumers about holidays, you’ll learn a great deal about their personal interests. Take advantage of the holiday and big events in the upcoming year through different social media networking sites like the ones listed below.

Pinterest: 70% of Pinterest users are female and 64% are under the age of 34. This visual platform is great to target mothers with children that are looking for creative ways to embrace the holiday. Because several popular boards have to do with food and drinks, create a kid friendly cocktail or something for those 21 and up. Most importantly, make sure you have engaging images that attract pinners.

Tumblr: Support your community during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around your city by uploading short videos of the festivities you’ll attend to Vine or Instagram. And if you haven’t already explored Tumblr as part of an online video marketing strategy, don’t wait to jump on the bandwagon. Adobe released a 2013 Social Intelligence Report for 2013 indicating that Tumblr is second to Facebook in terms of potential revenue per visits worth $1.10 (That’s a 340% increase from the previous year).

Google Plus: Google Plus may not be getting all the recognition it deserves yet, but now is your chance to stay ahead of the social curve. Start using this social platform if you want an instant increase in consumer interaction as a brand. Google Plus’ Communities feature organizes consumers around common interests, such as holidays, and makes talking with influencers a breeze. Or, host a unique to Google Plus Hangout about St. Patrick’s Day traditions your employees participate in, Irish recipes and more.

What is your brand doing to embrace St. Patrick’s Day this year? Comment below or start a conversation with me on Twitter @whatupTUT.