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How to UN-Star Wars Your Google Account. *Spoiler Free*

Did you hear Star Wars is coming out? By now most people by now have seen the movie, and nearly everyone has seen at least some of Disney’s advertising for it. No matter how in your face Disney was with the Star Wars promotion, most were harmless (though perhaps overdone) and some even clever. There a few special occasions that they may have gone overboard though….


That is except for the YouTube Light Saber volume control. If you haven’t experienced this overly mild annoyance, you can do so by going to and pledge your allegiance to a side of the Force (Go Dark side).

However, you should be warned. Once you choose a side, your entire Google experience will be shaped around it. Your YouTube videos will glow in that sides lightsaber color (and make a rather loud sound every time you go near the volume); your Gmail background will change to whichever side you pick’s propaganda, and for me, it even added a Google calendar notification for the day the movie was finally released.

Here is a simple step by step process to return the balance to the Force.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Change Side” 
  3. Click the middle icon     
  4. Click “Back To Default”


Upon clicking return to default, a pop-up should appear letting you know your regular Google experience has returned to normal.

Did you think Disney went a little overboard? Did you like the movie? Let us know below!