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Image-based targeted advertising

Image Based Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising, much like everything else, has seen many changes throughout history. It has had to adapt and keep up with transitions in technology and culture. Now, we are living in the middle of a digital media based world. The major trend in this realm today is storytelling, pictures, and visual-based content. Advertising must, once again, adapt its style and targeting to this trend.

It is not enough today to target ads based solely on keywords or semantics. To stay relevant, brands should start using photos and images for targeting. Some of the more well-known brands, like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Jaguar, have already begun to rely on this new method of ad targeting.

This kind of targeting involves artificial intelligence and image recognition. Certain software can analyze images to identify their target audience members, as well as, track certain lifestyle habits. These technologies can pick up on facial features, age, ethnicity, and gender. They can also identify brands, products, and logos. GumGum, Cluep, Stackla, Netra and even Pinterest are ad tech companies that have begun to tap into photos to provide more useful insights and customer engagement.

Targeted advertising based on images and pictures is on the leading edge of digital advertising and has a lot to offer companies and brands, but consumers are to benefit as well. Although there may be privacy issues at play, consumers should start seeing ads they find more relevant towards themselves. Learn more about these ad tech companies and the changes in digital advertising and targeting.

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