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Move Over Facebook, Pinterest Is Back

Pinterest seems to always be just two steps behind other social media giants. Well, it looks like that’s about to change. The reason Pinterest has been behind for the last nine months is because they’ve been creating their newest search feature. This new technology allows users to focus on a single item in a post and find similar-looking items, all without a text search.

For example, say a Pinterest user was looking at a post containing an image of a kitchen. This user decides they really like the look of the pendant lights. He or she can then crop the focus area to be just of that light and Pinterest searches its database for similar pendant lights. Sounds fancy, right? It is. This technology is so sophisticated that it took Facebook four and a half years to develop something to the same degree. That makes Pinterest’s nine months look like nothing.

While this feature sounds great, it may come at the expense of advertisers. Currently, marketers can pay for ads and promoted posts within text searches. As of now, Pinterest has not promised the same for these image searches. While it can be assumed the site has plans for similar advertising opportunities, until it is officially announced, advertisers will have to continue using text search and promoted posts.

Are Pinterest’s advertisers getting forgotten?