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Snapchat Ads Now Resemble Content

Snapchat has created a new format for ads as the platform begins to allow brands to advertise again. This format was designed to blend with the other content in order to try and disguise the ads from users. Although it will still be clear that an ad is being sponsored, users are likely to be more open to this format than previous advertising done on the site.

The new format is set to launch in the Discover feature, the main area for advertisers. The main focus of each ad will still be a picture or short video, no longer than 10 seconds. The difference is that Snapchat is now adding the option to “learn more.” Just as with published content, users can scroll down during an ad to reveal more information on the brand or their product. For the sponsored ads, this is likely to be sales information, a full-length video trailer, or even a news release.

Depending on how brands capitalize on this feature, Snapchat advertising still has a chance.