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StrataBlue Employee Spotlight featuring Paige Widener

My title at StrataBlue is Social Media Account Manager. I’ve been with StrataBlue since June of 2014, so that makes 8 months!


My day-to-day duties vary almost every day, but a typical day will include creating social media content for my clients, working with clients to come up with creative ideas for their social media campaigns, creating email campaigns, writing blogs, building reports and much, much more!


What I love most about working at StrataBlue is the fact that I get to be hands on with my client’s campaigns. Any ideas that I have to help improve a client’s digital presence are always welcomed and encouraged. The sky is definitely the limit. We also work with a breadth of industries, so this has given me the ability to be knowledgeable in everything from restaurants to RVs.


An ideal client for me is one that trusts what I do and is there for support. I love clients who are easy to talk to and are open to my creative ideas. I also enjoy clients who aren’t familiar with social and digital media, because this offers me to chance to share my wealth of knowledge with them.


My ultimate dream is to own a small boutique that would sell jewelry, purses, and clothing. I would preferably like to open the boutique up in a major college town, because I remember how hard it was to find unique clothing options while away at school. And this just would just give me another excuse to relive my college days. 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed helping my friends coordinate outfits and I would love to be my own boss.

My mom has really been my inspiration for creating my own business. Throughout my childhood she maintained a full-time job as a dietitian in a nursing home, while also owning her own catering business on the side. Once my sister and I reached middle school, she ditched her job and went to just full-time catering. She has shown me that any dream is possible if you set your mind to it and always, always work hard. This past winter, she opened a storefront for her business, where she serves up lunch and delicious sweet treats.


As a recent Purdue grad, whenever I get the chance I can’t resist driving up to West Lafayette for a basketball game or football game, and then of course hitting up my favorite spot, Harry’s Chocolate Shop, for a post-game celebration. I’m also an avid Pinterester and love making my pins come to life. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family doing whatever, wherever!

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