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Reinvention to Grasp Attention

Towards the end of 2015, CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, realized the app was straying from its original roots. What was once an app for users to share any and all experiences, turned into a contest of who can have the best selfie or vacation photo. Most user feeds were filled with over-produced and inauthentic celebrity and internet based content. How was Instagram going to bring back the low-pressure way to share photos and videos? 

Instagram Users

The realization of the changing content and disengaged users led them to redesign the platform in hopes of bringing back engagement. Learn more about some of their major updates that included Instagram Stories, a feed algorithm that would give you pictures you want to see, live broadcasting, and more. The changes seemed to work for Instagram. They have added 100 million users in just six months, and more people are sharing than ever before. Will Instagram continue to grow? Tell us what you think!