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Snap Publisher: Snapchat’s New Ad Creation Tool

What is this Snap Publisher? We all know Snapchat’s been looking out for any hope of growth. What Snap Inc. thinks they need is more ad spend. So, they recently launched a new self-serve ad tool and ad creation platform called Snap Publisher. “Create a custom ad in minutes for the world’s leading mobile platform.” 

This new self-serve tool is available to all advertisers as of this week. This new tool, Snap Publisher, will provide a new and easy way for businesses and brands to utilize the Snapchat platform.

Using Snap Publisher is similar to the ad creation process on other social networks. Snapchat is a little different than Facebook and Twitter in the sense that it requires more “specific focus to maximize the vertical viewing experience.”

One can access Snap Publisher by signing in with your current Snapchat account login information. You will then have the option to choose from a set of templates to create your ad. There are specific ad styles available that are tailored to your business objectives. You can also nix the templates and do your own thing if you want. Snap Publisher will make ad creation on this platform simpler than ever.

Ultimately, this tool will be just as easy to use as the rest of the social network’s ad tools. Snap is a little desperate, trying to keep up with Facebook owned Instagram and right now they aren’t in a good place. These new tools will hopefully encourage ad spend on the platform to keep Snapchat afloat. You are sure to start seeing more ad-tivity on this platform.

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