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Using Facebook Live to Engage with Followers

Facebook live is a relatively new feature. Social Media Today talks about how to use Facebook’s Live video features to engage with your audience. People are said to spend up to 3 times longer watching live video than other forms of video. Facebook live is generating a lot of engagement and here is a synopsis of how you too can engage with your followers this way.

Facebook Live captures attention, boosts brand awareness and engages followers. The question is, what are you supposed to be showing your audience on live video? This can often be something people overthink. Coming up with engaging content doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three easy ways to achieve engaging content:

                  1. Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

Create an honest and transparent experience for viewers by taking your viewers behind the scenes into your everyday world.

                 2. Report News

Create your own news broadcast of either breaking news or news in your field or industry. This compels viewers to come back to get the daily low-down.

                3. Promote Blog Posts

Most companies keep up with their blogging. This gets more traffic to your blog site, as well as engages with your followers. Don’t forget about repurposing blogs as well.             Blogs that were posted a while ago are perfect to promote on Live Video.

This strategy allows for the viewers to ask questions during your broadcast, increases potential traffic to your website or blog page, and may entice people to sign up for your newsletter. Facebook Live has a lot of potential for brand and consumers. There are many different things you can show on Facebook Live to engage with your audience. Follow these tips or use these for inspiration to come up with your own content ideas, either way, Facebook Live is a win-win!

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