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Snapchat users vs. Snapchat advertisers

Snapchat. It has been the talk of the advertising world lately. With more and more users, advertisers are anxious to start advertising on the platform and are searching for the best way to advertise for their brands. Creating an account can only reach followers and being featured on the Discover feature can be costly. However, many brands were finding success by placing ads within the Discover feature. It was targeting only their customers, however it was also reaching those who did not follow the brand on the platform. Consumers were seeing these ads and were even able to share their with their friends without leaving the app. That is, until Snapchat eliminated ad sharing, claiming users of the platform didn’t like it. Now, marketers are vying for the return of this feature and Snapchat must decide where to go from here.

Will Snapchat choose to please their advertisers or their users?