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Sprite Is Using Snapchat In A Surprising Way

Snapchat makes it hard for marketers to advertise on the platform. This is a fact that Snapchat is working through. So, brands are getting creative. Instead of advertising on the platform, some brands are using the platform on their products. Sprite is one of these.

The soft drink company is giving Snapchat users in Brazil the chance to put their Snapcode on millions of soda cans. This will allow millions of Snapchat users from around the world to add this user to their own Snapchat friends list.

While this allows little to no additional advertising for the brand, it still helps with the company’s image. Snapchat’s target market is younger and falls into the coveted and hard-to-reach millennial generation. By associating Sprite with Snapchat, the brand is more relevant to these users. It also encourages consumers to log on to the brand’s website (to submit the Snapcode) and follow the brand on the app themselves.

Will more brands follow Sprite’s lead?