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Snapchat Is Set To Increase The Ads

We’ve already talked about how Snapchat has been getting heat from advertisers to increase the possibilities for ad placement. And they’re giving in. We’ve already seen promoted filters and, even more recently, promoted lens filters. Now, Snapchat has agreed to “expand the number of sponsorships it allows on media channels and to increase the frequency of ads served to each user.” Since the vast majority of these ads are placed within the Discover feature, it only seems logical that more companies are going to be trying to get featured in this section as well.

However, Snapchat is also aware that they have to keep their users happy. They plan to do this by changing the rules for advertisers. For example, limiting the number of “edition takeovers” that they will allow and putting a cap on the frequency of ads to prevent users from being shown the same ad time and time again.

It seems Snapchat is staying true to its original experience and may even be resolving the age-old dilemma of how to stay true to the user experience while still growing your business. Will they be able to keep it up?

Snapchat is working hard to please advertisers and users.