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Instagram Advertisers Beating Out Instagram Users

So Instagram now allows all brands to advertise on their site as long as they allow the rules. Sounds fair enough. Well, it’s fair to all companies…but what about the users? Why should the users suffer from the addition of more and more ads? Are the users going to give up on the social media platform? The 400 million monthly users say maybe.

Instagram is known for its lack of ads and has this to thank, in part, for its rapid growth of popularity. While the platform is gaining millions of dollars in sponsorships from ads, they are likely to lose users without more regulations on the ads. While they say the goal is “for Instagram ads to be as relevant as the organic content people see” this won’t happen on its own. The site needs to limit the frequency and place tighter restrictions on the advertisers if they want to keep the users happy, too.

Instagram advertisers are chasing away the users.