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Staples Combats Loss of Sales With Rebranding

It’s no secret that the rise of the internet and e-commerce is slowing the growth of brick and mortar stores. Not staying relevant on where your customers are buying is leading to many companies closing stores or even declaring bankruptcy. But if you can prove that you can compete in the instant and nearly effortless competition of e-commerce, you may have a winner. Staples understands this shift in customer preferences and is launching a new marketing campaign to showcase what it can do outside of its brick and mortar stores. 

Staples rebranding campaign is set to launch next week, with nationwide TV commercials and ads. The commercials stray from their traditional focus on being a low-cost office supply store. In fact, the campaign showcases empty stores and products are only vaguely shown. The star of the commercials features building managers fixing copy machines, cleaning spills or restocking the breakroom with the help from Staples business delivery service. Staples wants to promote its delivery service, with a focus specifically towards office managers who handle purchasing decisions. Its new slogan “It’s Pro Time” builds on Staples more serious focus for the professionals it sells too. It sounds like the company is going in the right direction. What do you think of its rebrand? Read more about the campaign, watch the commercials & let us know what you think!