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StrataBlue Alexis Loyd

StrataBlue Brings on New Hire

With a degree in communication and a minor in public relations, Alexis Loyd has been in the marketing realm since the beginning of her professional career. She brings years of marketing experience within a multitude of industries including education, nonprofit grant writing, medical and pharmaceuticals, among others. Her extensive experience within full-service marketing agencies has allowed her to hone skills within an assembly of marketing divisions including content writing, creative design, strategic planning, and public relations counsel. Alexis also has direct experience within the real estate sector, working as a real estate agent in her spare time.

Alexis expresses her eagerness to join the team by stating, “I’m excited to jump on board with StrataBlue! While their full-service creative services are excellent, they really are quickly making big splashes within the digital landscape and quickly streamlining results for businesses in the lead generation and customer acquisition space. I really find opportunity joining their team to hone my digital skills, while also bringing fresh perspective and a new skillset in the public relations realm to offer clients. By joining forces, we plan to make a big splash in the marketing world!”

“We are thrilled to have Alexis on board! Marketing momentum involves daily enthusiasm and energy from our teammates, the people are what form the heartbeat of an organization. That’s why it’s important to be strategic and carry high expectations when choosing a new hire. Alexis will bring a fresh perspective and approach to our broad range of partner clients, as well as adding a new skillset to our growing agency”, said Slava Vidomanets, Managing Partner at StrataBlue.

About StrataBlue

StrataBlue is a digital strategy management company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. We strive to help companies struggling with growth implementation and customer acquisition that will predictably produce desired results. Our mission is to help businesses take the best advantage of today’s highly digital marketplace, whether it relates to marketing services, strategy, or business analytics