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StrataBlue Employee Spotlight featuring Suzanne McGill

Really, ever since I can remember. I always knew I wanted to do something where I used my artistic strengths and skills. My mom said during my childhood, I took a writing utensil to just about everything in the house, even the insides of lamp shades. I took a lot of art and digital design classes in high school which led to studying design in college.

I graduated from Ohio University in 2011 with a bachelors degree in Visual Communication. My major was Informational Graphics and Publication Design.

I am the Senior Graphic Designer here at StrataBlue and I have been here since January of this year.

My day to day duties involve creating print graphics, social media/digital graphics, and designing websites for our clients. I also get to create brand identities for our new clients that come to us for logos and a visual identity, which is challenging and fun!

One of my favorite websites I was able to design was for Plow & Anchor, a local restaurant here in Indy. They have beautiful menu items that were photographed very well, so that made it fun for me to come up with something special for their site. Another great website to work on that I had a lot of fun designing was for The North End BBQ. I loved working with their brand to create a simple yet appealing website.  Lastly, I am currently working on the brand identity and website for a new restaurant opening next month called Georgia Reese’s. It was great to have full reigns on the brand and logo while seeing that move across all spectrums of their social media, signage, website, etc. I can’t wait to visit when they open to see it all come to life!

Banana peppers, definitely. I have to find someway to get them on a pizza, I could eat full jars of them.

It’s too hard to just pick one favorite spot in Indy, there are so many! If I could choose a few, they would include walks along the canal, shops and bars on Mass Ave., breweries in Fountain Square and perusing the Old Northside streets while marveling all the older homes!