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Technology’s Feel Good Story Of The Year

Everyone loves a feel good story. When you hear a story about an individual helping out a sick child, it’s bound to be a feel good one. But what if the individual is replaced? What if, instead of an individual helping out the kids stuck in the hospital, it’s technology that’s helping. If you ask me, it’s still a great story!

Virtual reality is doing just that. Virtual reality may still be in the beginning stages, but it’s already doing more than helping businesses to advertise…it’s taking children who are stuck in the hospital outside. These kids are confined to their boring, plain, uninviting rooms for sometimes months at a time. Some of them almost forget what it’s like to be any place else. With virtual reality, these kids are able to ditch the hospital without actually leaving. Some are visiting amusement parks or sporting events, others are being transported to foreign countries. No matter where their virtual reality is taking them, it’s out of the hospital and for that, these children are thankful.

So, before we knock virtual reality as being another useless invention, used for nothing more than to watch a sporting event in a unique way, we need to think about these other uses. The uses that give these kids happiness again. Imagine this type of happiness in all hospitals.

It sounds like a happier world to me.