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A Look Ahead At This Year’s Super Bowl Commericals

The Super Bowl is less than 2 months away and you better believe companies have already started the work on their commercials. While we know some of the larger names who will be advertising during this year’s most-watched show, there are some spots that remain a question mark.

These question marks are there for a reason. CBS has said that they are holding back a few 30 second spots to sell to advertisers at the last minute, hoping to make even more money off these. CBS is counting on certain companies to decide at the last minute that they absolutely MUST have a commercial during Super Bowl 50. These last minute spots are expected to sell for upwards of $5 million. Let me repeat that. $5 MILLION for 30 SECONDS of advertising.

CBS expects to see this revenue based off last year’s earnings. Super Bowl 40’s in-game commercial spots weren’t completely filled until 4 days before the game. These 30 second spots were sold for $4.5 million. Already in July, CBS was charging up to $4.7 million for half a minute of air time. I guess the $5 million asking price isn’t so unreasonable.

Who will be this year’s latecomers?