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The Future is Influencer

The Future Is Influencer

In an effort to double its share of the female sporting-goods market by 2020, Adidas focuses its marketing efforts through influencers on social media. The ideal target customer is following her own group of influencers, mostly on Instagram and YouTube. 

Adidas put together a team of 25 influencers that work with them on a regular basis, including retired former tennis star Ana Ivanovic, model and disc jockey Hannah Bronfman, author and coach Robin Arzon, and more. Adidas is hoping its focus on female sportswear will help boost profit by 22 percent each year, and help close a gap in the market with rival Nike. But in order to gain more market share, board member Eric Liedtke said that Adidas must focus more on key items outside of tennis shoes that will gain a woman’s trust in the brand. And Adidas is hoping influencers will help build trust in the brand for women.

Would influencers help you make a decision about purchasing a product?